Suparb Buruth Satan

July 4, 2008




Well, this will be a summary of Pinky’s and Aof’s new kiss/slap lakorn of the DaraVDO production company.

Tawan as Gongpope
Chanaphol as Paran
Savika as Latin
Thansinee as Parndao
Nantasai as Wootikorn
Buntitha as Deunmaesar

Pairoj as Wanchai
Surasak as Dejpong
Charlie as Chadchai
Waer as Muthita
Bunjerdsee as Rabieb
Namnyeun as Yah Mala
Siriya as Pah Norm

“Love…their bonding from a long time ago,
Can it still exist like before?
Today, he is not the man she knew.
But he is a devil, in the shape of a gentleman.
Who keeps stepping on and destroying her fragile heart.”

Pinky is a hi-so girl who came back from America. She went to study there because her new stepmom (Aof’s mother), didn’t want her in Thailand. When she came back, her father got her a bodyguard (Aof). Aof thought that Pinky is the daughter of his mother and Pinky’s father, so he hated that she was replacing his little sister (Som), and that Som had nothing compared to Pinky. He wanted revenge. One day, he finally realises that Pinky is not his mother’s daughter, and that Pinky and his mother are not happy together.

After that, Pinky and her stepmom keep having trouble together. One day, Aof protects his mother. Pinky thought they were in love, but she hesitated to tell her father. Aof is in a love/hate situation. One heart, she is his mother. The other, he is sorry for Pinky, that his mom is trying to kick Pinky out of their lives. Added to that, Aof’s mother keeps lying to him that she came to marry this rich man because she is trying to send money to her husband and children. Truth is, Aof’s father had a heart attack and died. Second, she never sent any money back to her children: Som and Aof. Thank god his mother didn’t know that Aof was her son…

One day, Aof’s mother asks Aof to kill Pinky. Aof disagrees, so his mother went to somebody instead. Some time later, Pinky asks Aof to go visit her grandmother (?) in the up country somewhere. Half way there, Aof’s grandmother (?) calls into Aof’s cellphone to tell that Som’s lukemia has caused her to be in a state of shock. He tells Pinky to go another day, but she doesn’t listen. She ends up going and getting ambushed by one of Aof’s mother’s men. At the same time, Aof comes back from his sister and saves Pinky, just in time (wow, what a surprise). Although both are badly wounded, Aof takes Pinky to a small garden to recover. Pinky thanks Aof, but he says that it is only his duty as a bodyguard. When they both are better, Aof takes Pinky back to Bangkok.

When Bunthita realises that Aof protected Pinky, she got really sad. She remembered that Pinky told her when they were in America that she did not love or care about Aof at all. Pinky tells Bunthita that her feeling are the same; she will never love Aof. Bunthita tells Pinky to remember her words, since she will be the one to heal Aof’s heart. When Pinky hears this, she is quite sad, but doesn’t show it. One day the hired killer (Aof’s mother’s) come back to get the money. Pinky sees Aof with his mother, and thinks that it is all Aof’s plan; that he is working for his mother as well.

One day, Pinky’s father becomes ill when he is cheated by his friend, who is Bunthita’s father. Pinky’s stepmom tells Pinky’s father to get Pinky to marry with Tle, who is a rich doctor. Tle used to be in love with Pinky, but now he loves Som. Since Pinky saved him when he was a little boy on the streets, he agrees. When Aof comes home, he sees Som very sad and he knows why. He gets really mad at Pinky. At the day of the marriage, it gets canceled because Aof took Pinky up country. He does all sorts of things to her, but she knows it’s because he wants revenge. She tries to escape, but it doesn’t work.

When Aof went outside, one day Pinky tries to escape. She finds a waterdrop earring like she gave to her childhood lover. She thinks that he is not good enough to own it. When Aof comes back, he sees Pinky with the earrings and say that she is not worthy of holding it. Pinky can’t stand it and she tells Aof that she was stupid enough to love him. Aof is both happy and sad at the same time. He tells her that he loves her too, and that night the became ‘one’ (you get my point).

Sadly, the next day brought the couple troubles. Aof’s mother had told Pinky’s father the truth; that she is married him because of his wealth. Now that he is poor, she is going to marry Bunthita’s father. Pinky’s father dies of a heart attack. When Pinky realises this, she think that Aof is with her because he didn’t want her near her father, so that the plan worked (misunderstanding).

When Pinky goes back to Bangkok, she gets closer to Bunthita’s brother and seduces him. It works, and soon after that Bunthita’s brother asks for her hand in marriage. Pinky agrees, but says that she he has to make Aof’s mother go someplace else instead of here. Aof’s mother goes back to him. Some time later, Aof’s mother gets acid and tries to pour it on Pinky’s face, but an accident occurs and it goes on her instead. She dies of the pain, and Aof is really mad at Pinky.

All goes well for Pinky and Bunthita’s brother, but then one day Pinky finds out that she is pregnant. She couldn’t come to it to lie to Bunthita’s brother, so she escapes to her grandmother. Aof follows her. Som and her grandmother go to Pinky’s place, and talk with Pinky’s grandmother (?) about it. They learn that Pinky is in fact the girl who was friends with Aof. They tell Aof, and he goes to Pinky. He sees her crying by the box he gave her, with the song ‘Memory’. When Aof tries talking, Pinky tells him to go away.

When Aof tries to talk to Pinky, she doesn’t listen and tells him there is no baby. All she has is her hurting heart, and that Aof deserves the hurt for once. Pinky runs away from Aof, but falls down the stairs. Blood is everywhere. Before she fainted, Pinky saw Aof running towards her with a worried look. When Pinky awakes, she sees the ‘Memory’ box that Aof gave to her. Also, she sees the two waterdrop earrings together. 

Aof reveals to Pinky that he is the boy she used to know. However, Pinky was so hurt by Aof’s past sins that she cannot believe what is told to her; she remembered that ‘P’Tor’ was a gentleman, unlike this Aof, who is a devil (satan). Pinky’s grandmother, Aof’s grandmother, Som, and Tle all ask Aof to be patient; the things that he did to her are many, and it may take time for them to heal. Also, they go to ask Pinky to forgive Aof, at least for the unborn baby.

At that same time, Bunthita’s brother (full of hatred from betrayal) comes to their place. He tries shooting Pinky but Aof (classic) uses his body to protect her. Also, it hits his father. His father dies instantly. At the hospital, Bunthita comes to Pinky and Aof. She reminds Pinky of what she had said before. Pinky says that she does not love Aof, and Aof hears Pinky say it too (he is very sad). So, Bunthita asks to nurse Aof for the rest of his life. Aof disagrees and says the only people he love are his wife and his child. He cannot marry Bunthita.

Before going to America, Bunthita meets with Pinky. She tells Pinky that Pinky should not have ‘thiti’, since Aof might not have much time left. Pinky should follow her heart by going back to Aof. Bunthita tells Pinky that he is waiting for her and his child. When Aof awakens, Pinky is by his side. They make up and decide to start their family here; having their baby as a golden rope of love (?)

The End

credits to daravdo



July 4, 2008



It’s grace28 here right now. This forum will be dedicated to CH7 Thai lakorns. If you want anything translated [relating to CH7], I will do so ASAP. Mind you, I might be slow sometimes because I do not go to a Thai school. I go to ISB, and I’m not that good at Thai.

Still, I will do my best to assist everyone. Hope you guys have a fun stay here at na ka.

My goals:

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